This morning Bluey and Bingo have crawled into bed with Mum and Dad. Bluey wants to play ‘three in the bed’ while Dad is in the dunny. But Mum doesn’t like it when Bluey says the word ‘dunny’ and insists she say ‘toilet’ instead. 

Bluey doesn’t understand why and tries to trick Mum into saying the word by playing ‘Pass It On’. But she fails, and Bluey gets squish-squashed by Dad!

When Mum admits she just wants them to say nice words so that others think they are a nice family, still Bluey persists in asking Mum heaps of questions and finally Mum gives in and allows them to say ‘dunny’.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Mum would like the family to say ‘toilet’ instead of ‘dunny’ – and that includes Dad!
  • Bluey and Bingo snuggle up with Mum and Dad in their big bed and play lots of games, like ‘There were four in the bed’.
  • Dad is confused that saying “booger beans” is ok, but “dunny” isn’t!

Oh, boogerbeans!

S2E47 – Dunny

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