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Snickers goes to the same school as Bluey and the two of them have been friends since they were babies.

He is a sausage dog (otherwise known as a dachshund), who sports a yellow Aussie legionnaires’ flap cap.
His little legs can make it tricky to run, but he makes up for it with his incredible rolling skills.

Snickers loves cupcakes, water blasters, pretending to be a news reporter for K9 News and most of all, being a sausage dog!

Help! I cuddled a cactus! …And then a crocodile flew out of the sky and bit me on the bottom!

S1E18 – The Doctor




first appeared

Shadowlands (Season One)



Key Appearances

The Doctor (Season One)
Typewriter (Season Two)
Helicopter (Season Two)
Baby Race (Season Two)
K9 News (Bonus Bits)