When Bluey and Bingo disturb Dad’s quiet time on the couch, Dad invents The Quiet Game – How long can they go without making a single noise?

But his plan backfires when Mum asks him to buy Muffin a birthday present and only the girls know which specific toy she wants. 

At the store, the girls still refuse to speak despite Dad’s pleading and insist on miming the name of the toy Muffin wants.

With so many toys to choose from, Dad enlists teenager Alfie, who’s on his first ever day at work, to help interpret their actions.

Alfie solves the puzzle and the entire store cheers, including the girls.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • In a cheeky game that Dad made up, Bluey and Bingo are not allowed to speak!
  • Alfie has his first day working at the toy store.
  • Dad needs to get Muffin a new toy for her birthday, but has no idea which one to buy.
  • Bluey sings and dances around the living room with her ‘big beanbag bum’.

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