Bluey doesn’t like it when she catches Mum and Dad squabbling, so she makes Dad write a love letter to Mum to stop them being ‘enemies forever’ and sets off to deliver it. But Bluey forgot she was playing Ground’s Lava with Bingo.

Now the sisters have to play Postman and Ground’s Lava, but they can’t help squabbling over the rules. 

Bluey insists they agree on everything but it’s hard when you are playing two games at the same time!

Once they realise that squabbling is fine as long as you say sorry, they can work together to turn the letter into a paper plane and get it delivered to Mum.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey and Bingo pretend that the ground is made of lava, and they have to make it across each room without touching the floor.
  • The kids think of ways to never ever squabble, by agreeing with everything Bluey says – or, maybe, everything Bingo says.
  • While sunbathing, Mum receives a paper aeroplane love note from Dad.

You’re Reading my Mail?!

S2E35 – Postman

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