Mum is struggling to get Bluey and Bingo out the door in time for a playdate with Judo. But Bluey can’t find her hat, Bingo needs to brush her teeth and they all can’t go until they’ve finished their game-waiting for a sticky rubber gecko to drop from the ceiling.

When Mum steps on a pin, it’s the last straw and she threatens to cancel the date altogether! But when Bluey tries to find out why Mum is so upset, they realise they are both feeling nervous about the playdate.Now finally understanding each other they manage to make it out the door–but not before Mum’s instincts kick in!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Mum is taking Bluey and Bingo to the park to meet Judo, but constant interruptions prevent them from leaving.
  • A sticky purple toy gecko is stuck to the ceiling and it won’t come down!
  • Bingo has no idea how long a minute is.
  • Bluey remembers what Grandad said: “Hurry up and wait.”

Come to mama, little Gecky.

S2E12 – Sticky Gecko

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