When Bingo finds her old baby-harness, Dad puts it on to show her how it works. Bingo climbs in and a new game is born: Dad Baby!

Much to Mum’s bemusement, Dad claims to know all about being pregnant, but he’s not prepared for how heavy baby Bingo is or for when she starts to kick! 

Dad is ready to stop the game, but Bluey refuses to let him before he’s given birth.

In the backyard paddling pool Dad starts to go into ‘labour’, but Bingo’s really hanging in there, so they call on Lucky’s Dad to help for one last push! Finally, as baby Bingo comes out, she shares a tender moment in Dad’s arms.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad says, “If you’re going to do something, do it properly.”
  • Dad pretends to be pregnant with a baby.
  • Dad wants to eat dim sims, but Bingo keeps taking them! 
  • Bluey and Lucky’s Dad help baby Bingo come out of Dad’s belly. 

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