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When Dad and Uncle Stripe play their regular game of squash, Bluey and Bingo decide to take control.

Using the squash racket covers as joy sticks, Bluey and Bingo pretend to control their every move. 

Bluey is on Dad’s team and Bingo is on Uncle Stripe’s. Dad keeps boasting that ‘big brothers always beat little brothers’ and Bingo gets upset when she fails to even win one point during the game. 

Bluey takes pity on her sister and asks Dad to let Stripe win the next game.

Dad refuses, but Bingo inspires Stripe to redouble his efforts and prove that younger siblings can also win sometimes

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad and Uncle Stripe play a game of squash, with Bluey and Bingo controlling them.
  • Being cheeky, Dad says little brothers/sisters can’t beat bigger brothers/sisters.
  • Dad and Uncle Stripe give Bluey and Bingo piggy-backs on their heads, being led by their ears!
  • Dad falls into a big bush!

That is it! I’m going to make you lose the next squash!

S2E4 – Squash

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