Bluey and Mum are off to Chloe’s birthday, but Bingo isn’t invited. So she finds a magic feather wand that makes everything super-heavy and wreaks havoc around the house.

Dad can’t lift the cereal box, Bluey’s toothbrush weighs a ton and Mum’s pen is stuck to the floor!

Bluey and Mum try and make a break for it, but Bingo is too quick – weighing down Chloe’s present! Looks like they won’t be going to the party after all!

Happy to make her own fun, Bingo doesn’t mind missing out and releases everyone. Now she can’t wait for Bluey to return so they can weigh down Dad’s toilet lid together.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey is going to a fun birthday party, but Bingo isn’t invited to come.
  • Bingo uses a magic feather to make things light and heavy.
  • Dad tells Bluey to eat her “floor cereal”. 
  • Bingo tries to stop Mum and Bluey from leaving the house.

This is some heavy cereal! Must have a lot of fibre.

S2E3 – Feather Wand

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