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Bingo is struggling to find her voice and can’t pick a game to play, so Bluey decides that they should play hairdressers. 

Their salon is running smoothly until Bluey discovers that their big-headed customer Dad has nits and they need to start treatment immediately!

Bingo has ideas but can’t get them out quick enough and Bluey keeps talking over the top of her. 

Mum points this out to Bluey and encourages her to “use her ears” so that Bingo can “find her voice”. When Bingo finally gets the chance to speak, she really finds her voice, and Dad gets much more of a pampering than he bargained for.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey pretends to be a hairdresser and does Mum’s hair.
  • Dad pretends to be a big show off called ‘Bert Handsome’.
  • Bingo has trouble finding her voice.
  • Dad gets tied upside down, covered in flour, and cleaned with garden rakes!

Well, just make me look even more handsome. If that’s even possible.

S2E5 – Hairdressers

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