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All rise for your Royal Highness Bingo! The girls are playing a game of queens, but when they switch places Bluey realises that playing the butler is much more fun. But if they are both butlers, who is going to boss them around? Dad takes a turn being Queen, but he quickly goes mad with power. 

Reluctantly Bluey agrees to be Queen again, until the RoyalPoo-Scrubber (Mum) wonders if she’d prefer to run off and play. Queen Bluey is outraged and proves that she is not afraid of a bit of hard work.

Finally, Bluey and Bingo decide to pass the crown on to their hardest-working royal subject, Mum.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bingo and Bluey take turns being The Queen and the royal butler.
  • Mum says she, “isn’t afraid of a bit of hard work.”
  • Bluey yells, “Bring me that ginger beer!”
  • Mum has to scrub the lorikeet poo off the deck.

Stop! Butler, the royal bottom is itchy, I demand you scratch it.

S2E23 – Queens

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