Bus Driver Dad is driving Mum, a very shy passenger, to the museum. It’s looking like it will be a smooth journey until the Grannies climb on board!

Mum confides in Janet and Rita that she is secretly in love with the bus driver but is too scared to tell him and the Grannies make it their mission to give the passenger enough time to confess her love.

Despite bringing the Bus to a halt at every stop,Mum still doesn’t have enough courage to express her feelings. But when Rita’s pet snake gets loose and chaos breaks out on the bus, Mum realises it is now or never.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad drives the bus!
  • Bluey and Bingo are grannies called Janet and Rita, who are very cheeky passengers.
  • Dad gets wrapped up in a snake!
  • Mum wants to tell Dad, the bus driver, that she loves him, but he’s already in love with a giraffe.

One granny to mahjong, please.

S2E22 – Bus

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