Mum and Dad struggle to build new flat-pack furniture, while Bluey and Bingo transform the empty packaging into their own game.

The girls start as fish in a bubble-wrap sea and quickly change into lizards discovering a cardboard land. 

Each time another box is thrown into the backyard, the girls add it into the construction of their brand-new world.

And as Mum and Dad see Bluey and Bingo evolve from cave drawings to building an entire cardboard city of the future, they are inspired to stop squabbling and finish the job. Now they can all relax and celebrate what they have achieved

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey and Bingo play with cardboard packaging and bubble wrap.
  • Mum and Dad struggle to assemble a flat-packed porch swing.
  • Bingo, pretending to be Bluey’s daughter, becomes all grown up and flies off to space.

I’m not taking advice from a cartoon dog.

S2E24 – Flatpack

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