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As the Heelers take a long riverside walk, Bingo insists her legs are too tired. She wants a piggyback!

As they journey along, Mum and Dad keep inventing little games to nudge her further along-scooter races, collecting pine cones, even chasing an ibis! 

When Bingo’s finally had enough, Mum points out it seems her legs don’t get tired if she’s having fun. Bingo agrees, and starts a chasing game of Gingerbread Man and, without realising it, runs all the way to the end of the walk!

Offered a piggyback ride home, instead she turns around and starts to run all the way back home!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bingo says she’s too tired to walk, but keeps finding fun distractions which make her run!
  • Dad and Bingo play ‘Gingerbread Man’.
  • Bluey and Bingo stop to watch witchetty grubs crawling across the footpath. 
  • Dad plays ‘Finish Line’ with the girls.

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