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Bluey declares herself Mum to a brood of bouncy balloons and insists that Chilli grade her performance as a parent.

She does a great job at first, but the irrepressible nature of Greenie (a floating balloon who won’t follow her instructions) soon leaves her stuck for ideas. 

But after they observe Dad parenting a stubborn Bingo, Bluey finally understands how to treat Greenie and she and her class all have a great bath time.

When the hair dryer accidently blows Greenie out the window, Mum and Bluey watch him float away, knowing he’ll be ok because he has a great mum

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey has lots of balloon children and Chilli keeps score of her mothering skills.
  • Dad tries to put Bingo to bed, but she’s being a pickle!
  • Greeny, the balloon, tests Bluey’s skills as a parent.
  • Bluey has a bath while it’s filled with lots of balloons!

It’s your bathtime too, Bluey. I can smell you from here.

S2E14 – Mum School

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