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Dad’s Train is essential for Bingo’s ‘Dr Glenda’, taking her from home to daycare to her job at the vet and back again-on schedule.

But when he has to deal with a rude cat loving passenger played by Bluey, the train gets delayed. 

Now running late,Bingo’s baby misses story time, a polar bear escapes from the Vet and Bingo has to close the practice!

Dad’s beleaguered train driver has had enough-until Blueys cat gets a nasty polar bear bite.

Jumping on the express line, the train races to Dr Glenda’s home in time to see the cat fixed up and Bingo find a new job running her practice from home

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad pretends to be a train conductor, while Bluey is a very cheeky passenger.
  • Bingo and Mum work at the vet, where they have a cranky polar bear and “six sick skunks!”
  • Bingo looks after her little girl, Poppy.
  • Mum pretends to be a granny called ‘Madge’.

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