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Bluey is upset when she finds out she can no longer go to Honey’s after school because Dad has to work. But when she gets to school, she finds a tree stump which is perfect for a game of helicopter. 

Bluey is in complete control as the pilot and she takes each of her friends on a new adventure inside the chopper-from visiting the Great Barrier reef and providing a traffic report, to rescuing kangaroos from a bushfire.

The more Bluey plays, the happier she is to give up control of the game and finally she realises that she doesn’t have to have everything her own wayto have fun.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey pretends to fly a tree stump helicopter.
  • Bluey and The Terriers pretend to be kangaroos! Boing, boing, boing!
  • Winton pretends to drop from the helicopter into the deep end of his dad’s pool.
  • Bluey learns to accept that plans sometimes suddenly change.

No Winton! You can’t just get out of a helicopter in the middle of the sky!

S2E25 – Helicopter

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