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Over dinner, the family each recount their favourite thing that happened that day. When Bluey accidentaly makes fun of Bingo for mispronouncing a word, Bingo gets really upset.

On a mission to cheer her up again, Bluey gets Mum and Dad to recount all the funny pranks that Bingo pulled on them, but nothing seems to be working-not even a made-up story about

Bingo in a jetpack saving a gnome and Dad confessing his love for a Hippo! 

Bluey is about to give up hope when Bingo starts to giggle because of Dad’s constant teasing and Bingo finally gets to pick her favourite thing.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey and her family are eating dinner, discussing their favourite things from the day.
  • Bingo accidentally says, “trifficult”.
  • ‘Jet pack Bingo’ saves a pink hippopotamus who falls from the sky.
  • Dad laughs so hard that water spills out of his nose. 

Ah! This is trifficult!”

S2E7 – Favourite Thing

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