Today is Dad’s turn to do the morning run and he’s determined to get the girls to kindy and school on time.

Mum promises the girls that daddy drop-off will be loads of fun, so Bluey and Bingo make Dad play as many games as they can on the way.

After a slow-mo attack from a leaf wand, a phone call with a rude old lady and learning how to walk straight, they finally make it to kindy. But Bingo can’t go inside without a game of “Wind-up-Bingo”.

They are already so late, but Dad agrees to play one more game. And it’s lucky he does because this is how Bingo gets to meet anew lifelong friend – Lila.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad needs to drop off Bluey and Bingo at their schools, vowing not to be late this time!
  • Bingo meets her friend, Lila, at kindy.
  • While in the car, Bluey pretends to be a stubborn lady called ‘Margery’, who’s on the phone with Dad.
  • Dad plays ‘Wind up Bingo’ to help her walk into her kindy classroom.

Rack-em and Stack-em, kids. We gotta go.

S2E8 – Daddy Drop Off

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