Lila is a young maltese pup with fluffy white fur. She has a mum named Sheila and a little brother too.

She is kind and supportive towards all her kindy peers, but she can sometimes be shy and apprehensive as well. Due to her shyness, she would often play by herself, but her best friend Bingo gave her the confidence to be loud, silly and playful. 

She and Bingo became inseparable best friends after playing a game of Wind Up Bingo at kindy together.
Lila and Bingo will continue to be friends throughout childhood and beyond, eventually winning a trophy and graduating from school together.

Bingo’s my friend now, and I hope we’re friends forever and ever and ever.

S2E8 – Daddy Drop Off




First appeared

Daddy Dropoff




Daddy Dropoff (Season Two)
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Perfect (Season Three)
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