When Bluey gives a tour of the animals at her backyard zoo to Lady Gaberdene (Mum) and her adorable toddler, Snowdrop (Bingo), her visitors are especially taken with the big blue Daddy Gorilla.

But when Daddy Gorilla scoops up Snowdrop and makes his escape, Zookeeper Bluey has to give chase, while calming an hysterical Lady Gaberdene.

With the help of a carefully laid banana trap, Bluey manages to recapture the wild beast, tickling him back to sleep.

Seeing how sad Snowdrop is to say goodbye, Zookeeper Bluey bends the rules and arranges one more night-time meetup between the new best friends.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bingo and Mum come to visit Bluey’s zoo.
  • Dad pretends to be ‘Ooo-Ooo’ the baboon.
  • Bluey the Zookeeper chases Dad around the house in her pedal car.
  • Bingo pretends to be a little girl called ‘Snowdrop’.


Now, this next one is definitely not friendly. He’s a big stinky baboon!

S1E36 – Zoo

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