At bedtime Bluey and Bingo are teasing each other. When Mum tells them to stop, they complain that Dad is always teasing them and a heated debate ensues.

One by one, Bluey and Bingo recall all the times that Dad has teased them, like when he plays Password or Name Change or when he pretends to be Mum.

The girls convince Mum that Dad is a “Big Teaser”, but Dad tells them that teasing is simply a fun way to test their limits.

The girls realise that they can give as good as they get and in the end both Dad and the girls finally understand and agree on the difference between teasing and playing.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad changes Bluey and Bingo’s name to ‘Sharilanda’ and ‘Dennis’.
  • Bluey has to guess the password to get past Dad, who’s blocking the door.
  • Dad says he’s going to sell Bluey and Bingo to the monkey house for five bucks.
  • Dad is dressed up in Mum’s clothes and make-up.


I think you’re right kids, dad is a big teaser.

S1E37 – Teasing

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