On a car trip to the dump, Dad convinces Bluey that he knows absolutely everything and is the best dad in the world. And when Bluey challenges him, asking difficult questions, Dad’s got all the right answers.

But when they get to the dump and Bluey sees Dad throwing away some of her old drawings, she realises he may not be right about everything after all.

Dad does his best to apologise, explaining that he’s actually not perfect and that he was recycling the paper for other kids to use for their drawings.

This makes sense to Bluey who accepts his flaws and forgives him.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad takes Bluey and Bingo along to the dump.
  • Bluey finds out that Bandit is throwing away her old drawings.
  • There’s a ‘hairy monster attack’ (otherwise known as a drive-through car wash).
  • Dad claims to know everything and to be “the best driver in the world”.

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