It’s Christmas Eve and time for a game of Verandah Santa! Dad goes first, sneaking up on the sleeping kids to leave them presents. No peeking!

But when it’s Bingo’s turn, little cousin Socks gives Bluey a nip and her mood quickly sours.

Taking the next turn as Santa, Bluey refuses to leave Socks a present. As Socks runs off upset, Mum and Dad tell Bluey that she needs to apologise, but Bluey won’t budge.

So her parents open her eyes to the true meaning of being good for Christmas­­––that it’s not about receiving presents, but about being kind. Now Bluey finally understands and can make amends.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • It’s nearly Christmas!
  • Bluey, Bingo, Dad and the cousins play a game of Verandah Santa. No peeking!
  • Bluey and Socks have a squabble after Socks gives Bluey a nip.
  • The Heeler Home is decorated for Christmas!


Boy, I sure am a really nice child. If I were real Santa I’d give me lots of presents.

S1E52 – Verandah Santa

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