Socks is Bluey and Bingo’s littlest cousin and Muffin’s younger sister.

Socks is a puppy and still has a few bad habits, like licking, panting, chewing and even taking the occasional nip at her friends and family!
Bluey and Bingo have watched Socks transition from crawling on all fours to taking her first upright steps on two legs!

She has even learned to talk! Socks can be more than a little rambunctious but has also shown herself to be soft and sensitive with her family.

Muffin, it’s my turn!

S3E24 – Faceytalk



Socks Heeler

First appearance

BBQ (Season One)


Blue Heeler

Also known as

Rocks Socks
Bumpy (Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound)