On a picnic with their parents, Bluey, Snickers and Coco play Shadowlands – a game where they must only walk in the shady areas and avoid the crocodile infested, sunlit grass.

But Bluey finds that every time the game gets too difficult, Coco tries to take a shortcut. Finding themselves stranded in a palm tree shadow-island when Mum calls them back for tea and cupcakes, Coco is ready to break the rules and step out of the shade.

But Bluey insists they find another way, because games are more fun if you follow the rules. They make a break for a moving cloud shadow and make it back just in time.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey and her friends can only touch the shadowy parts of the ground.
  • We first meet Coco and Snickers.
  • The kids and their mums play ‘What’s the time, Mrs. Wolf?’
  • Coco has a hard time playing by the rules. Bluey finds a bug that looks like bird poo!

We’re trapped on a plam tree island! Oh noooo!

S1E5 – Shadowlands

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