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Receptionist Bluey welcomes Honey to Dr Bingo’s surgery, asking what’s wrong.

Deciding on a sore knee (despite Bluey suggesting bigger) Honey finds herself stuck in the waiting room as the more exciting cases get priority – from alligators on heads to cuddled cactuses.

When Rusty jumps to the front of the line thanks to his uncontrollable baby hippo burps, Honey worries she might never get a turn.

Bluey cheers her up by remarking on how funny she can be, which prompts Honey to show how her tail can wag her body. Declaring this to be a ‘real pickle’ Bingo ushers Honey at last into her office.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Honey has a hard time using her imagination to come up with a more interesting problem than she ‘bumped her knee’.
  • Bingo is interested in helping patients who are in “a real pickle”.
  • Snickers cuddles a cactus and Rusty burps out baby hippopotamuses.

I need to see the doctor, there’s a crocodile on my head!

S1E18 – The Doctor

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