When Bluey and Bingo fail to win a prize on a Magic Claw machine, Mum tries to cheer them up by creating their own version at home. But when Dad’s Magic Claw demands payment, the girls must haphazardly complete some chores for spare change and a chance to play.

But Dad’s making it too hard and they still can’t win! Dad tempts Bluey to try for a shot at winning a ‘bottomless bowl of ice-cream’, but only if Bingo sacrifices her most beloved toy.

Close to victory at last, Dad’s Claw malfunctions! Fed up, everyone takes matters into their own hands and tickles Dad until he gives up their prizes.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bandit pretends to be the ‘Magic Claw’, a talking claw machine game, using his arm as the crane.
  • Bluey and Bingo want to win ‘bottomless ice-cream’.
  • Bingo needs to save her dolphin toy, Grey Dancer.

Magic Claw has no children. His days are free and easy.

S1E19 – The Claw

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