Indy is an Afghan hound and one of Bluey’s best friends from school. She loves music, dancing, pony rides and playing outdoors.

Indy is a free spirit, but has a very regimented diet, being unable to eat wheat, gluten, sugar, salt, dairy, and many other additives.
At school, Indy especially likes playing with Rusty. The two of them sometimes disagree on how their games should be played, but they always resolve their differences together.

Indy likes to join her mum at work in the markets and is always eager to be a helpful assistant at the gluten-free treats stall.

Mums go to work, and dads stay home to mow the lawn

S1E33 – Mums and Dads




first appearance

Calypso (Season One)


Afghan hound

Key Appearances

The Doctor (Season One)
Markets (Season One)
Early Baby (Season Two)
Mums and Dads (Season Two)
Helicopter (Season Two)