Bluey and Bingo don’t want to tidy the playroom, so they get Daddy Robot to do it for them. But when Bluey takes things too far and tells him that they NEVER want to tidy the playroom again, he decides to throw the kids in the wheelie bin!

With Mum’s help, they manage to short circuit him, but it causes a major malfunction! Daddy Robot goes haywire, but luckily they are able to distract him with ‘Mummy Robot’ long enough to shut him down.

When Daddy Robot is brought back online, Bluey and Bingo give him new instructions to kick back and relax with Mum while they finally clean up themselves.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad plays Bluey like a banjo.
  • Bingo gets to read the episode title for the very first time!
  • Dad sings, “Come back here, guinea pig!”
  • Dad pretends to be a robot called ‘Daddy Robot’ who the girls use to do their chores.

Mum! Daddy Robot is going to throw us in the wheelie bin!

S1E4 – Daddy Robot

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