At Bluey’s school, Rusty and Indy are playing a game of ‘Mums and Dads’. The trouble is, they can’t seem to agree on what mums and dads normally do. Who goes to work and who looks after the baby? After some squabbling, Calypso suggests they each go and play with someone else.

Indy plays with Mackenzie, who is much more interested in digging in the sandpit, while Rusty plays with Bluey, who wants to make Rusty pretend to be the baby. Things aren’t going well at all!

Indy and Rusty realise that they’re much better off playing with each other, and that it doesn’t really matter who goes to work or who looks after the baby – especially if it’s the weekend!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • While playing a game of ‘Mums and Dads’, Rusty and Indy disagree on what mums and dads actually do.
  • Bluey pretends Rusty is a baby.
  • Mackenzie digs down as far as he can go in the sand pit, only to find a plastic floor at the bottom.
  • The Terriers plan to storm the castle!

Oh, cheeky baby! Spitting your dummy out. Don’t worry we’ll…hey! Runaway baby!

S1E33 – Mums and Dads

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