When Mum and Dad collapse on the couch after a busy day, they give Bluey and Bingo five minutes until bed, just enough time to race to the summit of Mt MumandDad!

Bluey hurries ahead, too impatient to wait for Bingo as she packs her camping supplies, leading to accusations of cheating.

All their bickering wakes the rumbling mountain and an avalanche of pillows and tickles sends them scurrying for shelter in Bingo’s tent.

Waiting for the storm to pass, Bingo breaks out her supplies and Bluey apologises for cheating. When the storm passes, they make for the summit and plant their flag together.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Heelers return from a trip to ‘Crazy World’ and Mum and Dad are too exhausted to play.
  • Bluey and Bingo climb up ‘Mount Mumandad’.
  • Bingo says, “Click. Photo. Click. Photo.”
  • Dad makes a lightning storm avalanche out of the couch cushions and a lamp.


What a cheeky Old Man Mountain!

S1E44 – Mount Mumanddad

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