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During a quick trip to the shops Bluey, Bingo and Dad play a game of ‘Kids’, where Bluey plays Mum, Bingo is her cute baby, Snowdrop, and Dad is her sulky son, Diddums.

Not only does Bluey hamper Dad’s efforts to buy groceries, by buying nothing but junk food, but she also prefers the secretly naughty Snowdrop over Dad and even embarrasses him in front of his friends.

When Dad rebels and shows how much of a handful he can really be, Bluey puts her foot down and declares that Snowdrop is her favourite child.

Diddums is devastated and Bluey finally recognises why Dads don’t pick favourites.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey wants to know who’s Dad’s favourite – her or Bingo.
  • The Heelers visit the supermarket and things get loud and crazy.
  • Bingo rides the grocery store checkout conveyor belt, singing ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’.


Maybe that’s enough time in the toilet paper chair for your brother, I think.

S1E45 – Kids

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