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At bedtime, Bingo panics when she can’t find her beloved toy, Floppy. With Mums help, they retrace their steps backwards through the game they played that day to help Bingo remember.

Starting with the balcony where they cooked a chickenrat egg, then the bathroom where Dad laid the egg in the laundry.

Further back is the Living Room where they turned Dad into a chickenrat in the first place!

But the trail goes cold as they can’t find Floppy anywhere. On the verge of losing hope, Bingo suddenly remembers and races to the balcony to find that her toy was hidden in the chickenrat egg all along.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad pretends to be a half chicken, half rat – a chickenrat!
  • Bluey and Bingo dress up as ninjas!
  • Bluey can’t find her plush rabbit, Floppy.
  • The story is told in reverse order, with flashbacks revealing how events unfolded.

Where do chickenrat eggs even come from?” … “Mummy chickenrats, I suppose.”

S1E46 – Chickenrat

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