Playing ‘Hospital’ leaves Dad in the needle-happy hands of Doctor Bluey as she and Nurse Bingo diagnose his sore tummy. One x-ray (and a few more injections later) and they discover Dad has a cat in his tummy!

After singing him to sleep, Bluey gets operating! But the bitey cat just won’t budge. Feeling bad that they were unable to help their patient, Bingo takes another look at the x-ray and discovers the true culprit.

Together with Bluey, they inform Dad that the Cat is chasing a mouse! Luring it out with a piece of cheese, Dad gets a clean bill of health – and one more needle for the road!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad plays a character called ‘Telemachus’.
  • Bluey plays a doctor and Bingo plays a nurse! (The episode where Bingo plays a doctor is called ‘The Doctor’)
  • Dad has a cat stuck in his tummy!
  • Bluey keeps saying ‘Sting!’

Well, no one really knows how cats get in your belly, but probably through your belly button.

S1E2 – Hospital

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