Bluey and Bingo rediscover a magic xylophone that has the power to freeze Dad in space and time, allowing them to move him into lots of hilariously embarrassing positions.

But such a powerful tool makes it hard for Bluey to take turns with Bingo, and despite the threat of Mum taking it away and Bingo’s continuous pleading, Bluey is reluctant to give up control.

When their squabbling leads to Dad capturing the xylophone and freezing Bluey, Bingo becomes her only hope.

The girls come to an understanding, working together to reclaim the magic xylophone and once again render Dad powerless.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • We first meet Bluey and her family!
  • We see the playroom and iconic kiwi rug for the first time.
  • Dad plays the bum bongoes on Bingo.
  • Dad performs a song called the Rondo alla Turca, or “Turkish March”, one of Mozart’s most famous pieces.


What! How did I get fingers up my nose?… Oh the magic xylophone!

S1E1 – The Magic Xylophone

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