Bluey loves playing hide and seek, but the family are convinced she will get distracted and forget to find them. Bluey promises to stay focused and, after a count to twenty, the game is on!

But her promise quickly comes undone when she uncovers Chattermax (a noisy old toy) hidden under the sink.

Bluey is distracted and forgets their game, leaving her frustrated family stuck hiding.

It’s only when she rediscovers how noisy and annoying Chattermax can be, and needs help shutting it off, that Bluey at last harnesses her ability to focus, remembers the abandoned game and finds everyone at last.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey, Bingo, Mum and Dad play hide-and-seek around the house.
  • Bluey finds Chattermax hidden away under the sink.
  • Bluey has to focus on not getting distracted.
  • Chattermax goes into dance mode!

Come on! You have to hide quick! Bingo can only count to 14!

S1E42 – Hide and Seek

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