After Dad ignores Bingo, trouble comes to the Heelers house, which fills up with invisible mischief-making fairies.

Tails are braided, Mum gets a peg beard and Dad’s phone ends up in a fairy dancing circle!

Mum suspects someone hurt the fairies’ feelings and sends Bingo to see what they want. Bingo leads the family to a message demanding Dad dance a jig around the letterbox in front of the neighbours.

Dad refuses, but when the fairies freeze Bingo like a statue, he tells her not to worry – he would do anything for her. His merry jig finally pleases the fairies, unfreezes Bingo and saves the day.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Heeler house gets overrun by cheeky, elusive fairies.
  • Bingo gets frozen in a silly position with her fingers in her nose!
  • Bluey gets trapped in a fairy ring, forcing her to dance uncontrollably.
  • Dad has to Irish-dance in the street in front of all the neighbours.

Oh wow, it’s a love heart!


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