Playing a game of ‘Work’, Dad hires cheeky Bluey and frog Bingo for his drainpipe factory. Bluey soon causes trouble, taking every chance to slack off. But rather than be reprimanded, she promotes herself to be Dad’s new boss!

Bluey proves a stern taskmaster, having Dad lick the floor and even polish the window with his bottom! When Bingo makes Dad break the ‘No Dancing’ rule, he is fired. Seeing Dad sitting unhappily outside, the ribbiting Bingo encourages him to dance his troubles away and he impresses Mum’s passing ballerina, who finds him a new career as a professional dancer.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bingo pretends to be a frog who loves to dance.
  • Bluey becomes a very bossy boss who orders Dad around – and there’s strictly no dancing!
  • Mum pretends to be an amazing dancer called ‘Pavlova’.

Now, clean those windows… uh uh uh! Clean them with your bottom.

S1E31 – Work

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