It’s Bingo’s turn to bring the Bob Bilby puppet home from Kindy and record their weekend together. Bob’s previous adventures have all been very exciting, so Bingo is keen to make their time just as memorable.

But when Bingo and Bluey spend most of their day showing Bob cartoons and playing games on the tablet, it doesn’t look like Bob’s having much fun.

Bingo feels like she’s let him down and gets upset. But Bluey realises that as long as they do exciting things, Bob will too. Banding together, the family put their screens away and head outdoors to show Bob what having fun is all about.           

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bingo takes ‘Bob Bilby’ home from Kindy.
  • The Heelers need to quickly do lots of fun things to make Bob’s time with them more exciting.
  • Bluey and Bingo chant “Cartoons! Cartoons! Cartoons!”
  • We see Buddy picking his nose (and almost eat it).

Ooh, you did a bit of karate, Bob? …. Oh wackadoo! I won’t be messing with you!

S1E12 – Bob Bilby

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