At a BBQ in the park Bluey and her friends are hard at work on their spy game, making a device that allows them to control the grownups!

But when Bingo gets annoyed with the role she’s been given, Bluey gets grumpy and tells her she’s not playing anymore. But without Bingo’s potion making skills, the device won’t work properly and the game goes off the rails.

With some sage advice from Dad about Bingo’s part in the pack, Bluey makes amends and invites Bingo back to take centre stage. Bingo is handed the controls as the device is repaired, spelling trouble for the grownups’ sausages!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey and her friends need to find ‘potion grass’ to secretly control all of the parents!
  • We first meet Honey, Daisy, Marcus, Frank and Mackenzie’s Mum.
  • Bingo sings ‘One man went to mow’ while she’s on the toilet.
  • Honey can shout, “PASSWORD!” louder than anyone else.


I already told you, only potion grass can control grown-ups.

S1E13 – Spy Game

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