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Little Aussie terrier Missy is one of Bingo’s best friends from kindy.

She is shy, very softly spoken and sometimes a little bit scared when it comes to playing some of Bluey’s big and boisterous games like Pirates.
But she is doing her best to come out of her shell and is learning to be a bit more brave with the help of friends like Bluey and Bingo. 

Missy is very kind, considerate and she’s aware of other people’s feelings too. She once helped Bob Bilby give Bingo a hug when she needed one the most.

Come on, Mr. Blue Whale! This is as hard as I can tickle.




First appearance

Bob Bilby (Series One)


Australian Terrier

Favourite EpS

Pirates (Series One)
Daddy Dropoff (Series Two)
Handstand (Series Two)
Pass the Parcel (Series Three)
Show and Tell (Series Three)