Bartlebee (also known as Bartleboy or Bumblebee according to Nana) is a big doll gifted to Bluey by Mum and Dad, who is introduced to the whole family during his first Heeler Christmas. 
As the other family members start to enjoy their Christmas Swim, Bartlebee finds himself splashed by Uncle Stripe, slobbered on by Socks and thrust into the ‘morning routine’ with Muffin as she rushes to catch the ferry to work. Bartlebee keeps up a smile throughout it all: whether he’s being attacked by a Stripe-sized-croc, having his arm broken by Dad during a game of Classic Catches or having that same arm jiggled all about by Nana. 
Though his first Heeler Christmas isn’t without its challenges, a Faceytime with Bluey’s godmother Frisky encourages him to give the family a chance to show that despite being a bit crazy, they’re full of love. Over Christmas dinner, Dad raises a glass to Bartlebee, welcoming him to the Heeler Family. 




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Christmas Swim



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Bartlebee’s episodes

Christmas Swim

The Heelers gather for a classic Aussie Christmas, Bluey gets a new doll and introduces him to the whole family. But the family play too rough with him and now he wants to go home.

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