If you’re ready to have the best day indoors ever, this guide will show you how. Once you get started on these special Bluey activities — time will tick away!

Space odyssey

Imagine if you could make a solar system mobile in a few simple steps. Now you can! What makes this the perfect indoor/rainy day activity is you don’t need to planet (get it?). Just print out the guide, grab a few bits and bobs, and get crafting.

Make your own Bingo solar system mobile

Across the universe

Speaking of space, check out these amazing Bluey colouring sheets. Your kiddos will know precisely how to make them “out of this world”!

Get colouring

No Peeking

When it comes to indoor games, charades is already right up there. So just imagine how fun Bluey charades is to play. If you’ve been busting to perform your best Bluey impression (or even your duck waddle), it’s your time to shine.


Bluey charades

Flip book action

Looking for a creative activity to keep the kiddos entertained? Get them to design their very own flipbook. Just download the blank template and let their imagination run wild. (Warning: you may find it hard to pull them away from this activity!). 

Crayons at the ready

Make your own Bluey flip book

Bluey Binoculars

There’s plenty to explore in the great indoors! This is the perfect activity for curious minds (and a good way to get rid of extra loo rolls).

CTA: Start exploring

3d fun

Still have a few loo rolls around? Don’t throw them out just yet. Believe it or not, you can easily transform them into some snazzy 3D Bluey and Bingo figures.

Show me how

3D Bluey and Bingo

Make your own pom pom

There’s only one thing that’s more fun than saying “Pom Pom pom pom.” It’s making one! Follow the instructions, and your DIY pom pom will end up cute and fluffy, just like Pom Pom.

Get started

DIY Play dough

Every parent and carer knows that kids and play dough is a recipe for a good time. So you know they’ll be thrilled at the chance to make it from scratch. Who knew all it takes is a few simple ingredients?

To the kitchen

wondrous words

If you’re after a low-key, but engaging activity that involves minimal supervision, this Bluey word search is it. With 27 words to find, the kiddos will be racing to see who can find them all.

Let’s go

Bluey Word Search