Dad is feeling run down and stops at the chemist for vitamins with the kids. They can’t recall what a chemist is until they run inside and see the CCTV screens – the TV shop!

While Dad shops for deodorant and shampoo, Bluey and Bingo spot the Terriers, Winton and Coco on the screens and dance to get their attention.

When they can’t get Coco’s attention, Bluey directs Bingo to run to different cameras, until she’s found everyone, but they still can’t find Coco.

Finally, Dad points out that Coco is just behind them! Now they can all dance together and Dad joins in too, feeling like a kid again.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad says the kids make him feel like an old man, but also a young man.
  • Winton and the Terriers dance on the TV screens with Bluey and Bingo.
  • Dad needs to go to the chemist (not the bakery!) to buy some vitamins.

What sort of sausages are we getting from the chemist, Dad?

S3E45 – TV Shop

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