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Lucky’s Dad, Lucky and Chucky have come over to the Heelers’ house to watch a rugby final together. Everyone at the Heelers is supporting the Maroons, but Lucky’s Mum has stayed at home next door to support the Blues.

Chucky asks Bluey to help him choose which side he should support. After flip flopping between the two teams in the first half, Chucky finally decides to support his dad’s team.

His Mum feels sad but stoically accepts his choice. A few days later, Chucky’s family and Bluey’s family unite to support one team, when Australia faces New Zealand in an international! 

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Chucky has to choose between supporting the Maroons with his dad, or the Blues with his mum.
  • Dad hosts a viewing party of the big game on the back deck.
  • Bingo tries to stay up late to see Mum – and sees her on TV.


Dad, don’t boo Mum!

S3E37 – The Decider