Bluey and Bingo are extending a cubby for their stuffed toy Kimjim, while Dad watches the cricket. Kimjim needs a bedroom, a bathroom, a netball court, an alpaca farm and a horse stable!

As the cubby expands, Dad squashes ever closer to the TV. But when he needs the toilet, the cubby is so big he can’t find his way out.

He calls to the kids only to discover Mum measuring walls and wondering why the house is so small.

When the kids lose Kimjim, Dad decides enough is enough and collapses the cubby. The kids find Kimjim, Dad finds the toilet and Mum decides the room is a good size after all.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey and Bingo look after Kimjim.
  • Using couch cushions and blankets, Bluey and Bingo build a huge cubby.
  • Dad urgently needs to use the toilet, and has to navigate through the cubby maze to find it!

Kimjim you ate all your dinner, well done! Now we can do drawing.

S3E38 – Cubby

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