Mum needs twenty minutes alone after looking after the kids all day. Dad is on it, but Bluey still wants to check on her. To distract her, he suggests playing a game they always request but he can’t stand… Sheepdog!

Pretending to be a sheep, Dad wanders into Wendy’s yard to eat her washing. Wendy freaks out but soon gets the full story. She tells the kids to play with Judo while she gives Sheepy a haircut. 

Dad is shocked his owners are leaving him, so Bluey explains that she needs a break after looking after him all day. In doing so, she understands Mum’s needs, leaving Mum to her well-earned rest.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad tries out a new mullet hairstyle!
  • Mum needs 20 minutes by herself, which confuses Bluey a little.
  • Dad pretends to be a sheep to distract Bluey from bothering Mum.
  • Wendy joins in the game, trying to help Bluey with a cheeky sheep.

You are a very cheeky sheep!

S3E11 – Sheepdog

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