Unicorse returns to teach Bluey good table manners; the only problem is, Unicorse’s manners are even worse than Bluey’s!

But when Unicorse falls in love with Mum and wants to marry her, the kids teach Unicorse good manners so he can ask her out on a date.

After upping his game, Unicorse seems to be making an impression on Mum, but he blows it by eating a tick! The kids reveal to Unicorse that it’s not his fault because he’s only a puppet.

This revelation upsets Unicorse, who now feels like a nobody. So, the kids and Mum take turns controlling him, so he becomes a part of everybody.  

This Is The Episode Where…

  • After falling in love with Mum, Unicorse tries to clean up his grubby act for her.
  • Bluey and Bingo show Unicorse how to behave properly.
  • Unicorse finds out that he’s a puppet!
  • Bluey has a weird dream, imagining herself being animated.

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