At school, Indy’s upset because her model horse looks like a cow, but Calypso encourages her not to give up. Winton volunteers to help fix it, and the two of them go and look for a picture of a horse to compare.

But they can’t find any horses in any of their schoolbooks! So, the two kids decide to search for a real-life horse and embark on an extraordinary adventure!

Eventually, Indy and Winton find Major Tom – a talking horse – and Indy realises that her model horse’s neck is too short! After fixing the neck, Indy’s glad she kept trying and that she gave her story a happy ending.  

This Is The Episode Where…

  • In Calypso’s class, the kids are modelling things out of beeswax.
  • Indy is trying to make a model of a horse, but doesn’t think she’s very good.
  • Winton gets super powers!
  • In their story, Indy and Winton go to visit Major Tom, the talking horse!

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