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After Dad reads Hansel and Gretel to the kids, Bingo asks if fairy tales are true. They’re not, but Dad proposes a real-life fairy tale about growing up with his brother Stripe.

Set in a wild place called the 80s, Dad reveals he used to tease Stripe because he couldn’t do a proper bike skid.

On holiday, Bandit got caught in a ‘jinx’, meaning he couldn’t speak until someone said his name.

To teach him a lesson everyone refused to say ‘Bandit’ for the whole day! It wasn’t until a certain Chilli – dressed as a Princess – appeared and said ‘Bandit’ that he was free. Not that Mum remembers it that way.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad tells a flashback story set in the 80s!
  • We meet younger versions of Bandit, Nana, Bobba, Stripe, Rad and Chilli!
  • Young Bandit gets ‘jinxed’ and can’t talk.
  • Bluey and Bingo are told the story of how Mum and Dad first met. Or, are they?

Nana was right. Not about her perm, but about me.

S3E26 – Fairytale

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